December Month Release - Upgrade version 5.6 to 10 (23/11/2023)

  • Laravel Core: Updated to version 10 for improved performance and heightened security.
  • Package Updates: All packages have been refreshed to their latest versions.
  • Package Replacement: Deprecated packages have been replaced with newer alternatives.
  • Code Clean-Up: Removed commented/garbage code for a cleaner and more efficient codebase.

July Month Release -2 (19/07/2019)

  • Date format changes in overall wazir, now everyone will see Date in this format (19 July 2019) 
  • Meta Data and Label changes in all wazir 
  • In Leave Managment Include sandiwich leave and Carry forward leave calculation
  • Wazir design Layout has been changed 
  • Notification functionality implemented
  • Minor bug fixes including duplicate entries and 403 error

July Month Release (09/07/2019)

  • Multi hierarchy of Module and submodule implementation 
  • Leave Management application updated in beta version
  • Holiday and Leave will disaplay in calendar format
  • Admin can  view the User's maximum spent hour project  in last 7 days from manage user page.
  • UI/UX improvement and Minor resonsive bug fixes.
  • Task duplication entry in report page issue resolution and Double click issue resolution 
  • Other enhancement to improve UI

June Month Release (28/06/2019)

  • Manage Project: While adding and updating project Member in any project then they should get an email Notification with details .
  • Completed Project status:There should not any action available specially (add, edit and delete) for Project sprint, Project Module, Project Task  and Bug for Completed project. Members can only view the details for project after completing any project
  • Task View Popup: Live spent hours will display task view detail Page Popup 
  • One Counselor and a Manager will assign to user. 
  • Task Search Page: While searching a task from task/bug list page, here we will display the total count of spent hours and estimated hours according to searching result
  • Bug fixes: Counting issue resolve in last month Spent hours for project overview page and project report page 
  • Log Viewer issue: Task view popup there is an option for comment, previously wrong validation appearing while sending the blank message (Now the user will not able to send any blank and blank detail comment) 
  • Implement Delete functionality for Comment section:  Previopusly Delete functionality is not available for every user in task view popup (Now everyone can delete their own comment) 
  • Security issue: User is able to change his email properly (Previously while changing the email user get suspicious and danger alert clicking on the wazir Link) 
  • UI Improvement and minor bug fixes

May Month Release (09/05/2019)

  • Company Admin/Owner: Admin can now check Planned , unplanned , Billable, Non Billable hours, Time spent and estimated hours count of all project from Project Manager dashboard.
  • Project Overview : Project Manager/user can now check Planned , unplanned , Billable, Non Billable hours, Time spent and estimated hours of particular project from Project overview page.
  • Enabled the export to PDF ,Excel and Print functionality in vacancy module for admin role and HR Role.
  • Enabled the export to PDF ,Excel and Print functionality in Reimbursement module for HR role.
  • Website Improvement: In website, Implemented proper Contact us form functionality and email feature in contact us page.
  • Security Issue: Xss issue resolution in throughout wazir
  • Syntax error:In Frontend website  and Wazir portal , Resolve Syntax error, Label Name issue ,Grammer isse and tool tip  error
  • UI Improvents: UI and Responsive issue resolution
  • Bug fixes: Adding proper linking in all page including 404 page in frontend site

April Mid Release (11/04/2019)

  • File Upload Validation Improvements
  • Resolve API Issues for Multi-Domain
  • Set profile picture upload size (1MB)
  • Bug Resolving
  • Integrate module specific msgraph API
  • Set autocomplete = off in all date range fields.
  • Add Task Id column in the export excel sheet.
  • Add 'task end date' while creating a new task.
  • Resolved multiple task watcher issue fixing 

February Month Minor Updates (15/02/2019)

  • Task Watcher : In Task Listing, On hover - users can now see list of multiple task watchers.
  • Updates on Contact Us Page.
  • Users can now see Release Notes in Wazirapp website as well.
  • Bug resolving and minor UI changes

January Month End Release (30/01/2019)

  • Data table errors handling.
  • Previous Report > We are now showing the reports with sent status "pending", which users didn't submit at day end.
  • Leave > Users can cancle leaves after approval or rejection of leave.
  • Leave > Added bulk action for HR/Admin role to approve and reject leaves.
  • Improvements in Breadcrumb.
  • UI improvements for multiple task watchers.
  • Minor Bug Fixes.

January Mid Release (11/01/2019)

  • Multiple Watchers and Multiple Attachments : Users can now add multiple watchers and multiple attachments for single task.
  • Workspace Inactive Feature : Through Wazir Master Admin Panel, Admin can inactive any workspace. So, If any company wants to inactive their usage of Wazir, We can do that in single click now.
  • Optimization : Code Refactoring of JS and Code Optimization.
  • Bug fixes and Improvements : Global Task Search JS issue, Previeous Report Issue, Date picker issue, Language Changes, Leave wrong email issue, Flow and validation changes for new workspace.
  • Release Version Management as per IEEE standards.
  • Wazir Product Documentation.
  • UI Improvements.

December Mid Release (14/12/2018)

  • Wazir database now enables multiple companies, Any new Company/workplace can be created in Wazir and new organisations can now run on a single Wazirapp platform with unique workplace logins.

New Features

  • Take A Note : Users can now add and save any kind of notes or things to remember in Wazir only. No Sticky notes software/applications required :)
  • Release Note : Wazir users will be now updated for all new features of Wazir by visiting this page :)
  • New Flag in Leave : Users can indicate whether the leave is Planned or Unplanned.
  • Added New Graphs for Individual Projects.
  • Updates on Email Setting : User can now enable or disable email updates from Wazir.
  • Task Schedule for Tomorrow : Users will get task scheduled for today on top of My Task page on daily basis, To get focused on daily planned activity.
  • Browser Notifications : Wazir enabled browser notification for Task Assign, Project Assign and Comments on Tasks. (Beta Release!)