Wazir's project status reporting helps business save a lot of their time with a single-click automated reports. The reports track a project in percentages of their completion as well as of the users involved in multiple projects. The automated reporting of Wazir help businesses establish trust among the clients they serve and enhance the team productivity. Reporting gives a detail view of every information in a single report, so managers don't need to collate information from different sources. The reports are arranged as user-specific, task-overview, project-specific, bug-specific, and the pending tasks.

Please find below top level features of organization reports tools:

  • Easy One click different reports export to excel
  • Increased communication in organization
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Accuracy in day today activities
  • Clear reporting structure
  • Easy Workload distribution
  • Eliminates Overlapping and duplication of work
  • Increased Creativity



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